Seizoen 18-19: Houten Jassen – Beware

This is Beware

The guys can play some nice darts.
But only under specific conditions.
Like when they are drunk or
when they have bought some new arms and darts.

Tuesday 09/11/18 they started off the new wintercompetition 2018-2019
against Willem and his Wooden Jackets.
They kicked some ass and won with 2-7 from this nice guys.
To kick big Henk’s ass, we needed some bigger shoes.
We like Henk very much, but he has also a big ass 😉

Martin started off against Willem.
Willem is the boss of the Wooden Jackets.
Willem is also the boss of the beer supply and the bill.
So we didn’t want to piss off Willem to much.
Otherwise the bill will be much higher than it normally is.
But Martin didn’t care, Martin is the best of the division 1.
Result: Martin 3-0. The bill: much too high….

Erwin looked like he had solved his mental darts problems.
For a start he won his game in a very decisive way with 0-3.
With his old darts, his old style, and his new arms…
Also with his 10 year older body, because it took him that long to come back..
But one swallow does not make a summer 😉
We still are very happy for him, and hope this will continue..

Rob is Rob, what is there to say about him?
Rob doesnt like darts, but likes beer.
Rob doesn’t care about anything, except for his beer.
And that is a good recipe to play darts.
Because he didn’t care, he played much better then he normally does.
Rob is a winner, but only if he shuts down his brain.
Sometimes the beer helps also to shut down his brain.
Then he will be in his comfort zone.. (1-3)
His opponent big Henk didn’t like it though…

So far we have made a good start, with the guys new arms and darts.
Only captain Nico has to made a few extra adjustments to his arms,
and has to put some extra screws in it.
Sometimes it looks like they fell off his body.
His opponent Piet didn’t care and won with 3-1.

In the couple 501 it went much better for the guys.

Only now Erwin struggled in the first couple with Martin.
It looks like it was a bit to much in his single game,
and had to pay the price.
Piet and Big Henk though, played very well and won (3-2).

After some extra adjustments to his arms, Nico played much better.
Rob didn’t care and this was the ideal recipe for a win (1-3).
Their opponents Mouse and Ger played a dragon 🙂 of a game.

Our guys kept playing well in their second game against Piet and big Henk,
and won in a very convincing way (0-3).
Again, Henk did not like this, but Rob didn’t care…again…

Erwin and Martin didn’t have a hard time against Ger and Mouse (0-3).
Mouse looked like he had troubles with his jetleg, from his holiday.
His other leg looked just fine, but his arms were in trouble tonight.
Captain Willem did not like it, and tried to pull everything out of the closet 😉
Unfortunately that didn’t work, but he had one last card to play.
The bill…

So after the teamgame, that our guys won, it was time to win the beergame.
Very important, because Willem has his fork ready.
But Beware did not care about that, and were convinced to win.
But they forgot to finish the game, with 200 point ahead.
That was a bummer, but also the bill was a bummer.

Willem lost with 2-7 with his Wooden Jackets, but had the last laugh.
We love Willem, but sometimes he sucks 😉